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Our Eyebrow Design course is based on 4 years of experience with thousands of clients. We have identified a variety of effective ways to achieve the perfect result through our own practice, our trial and error. 

We have prepared a special program with an in-depth theoretical part, which will give you the opportunity to engage in eyebrow styling professionally and, most importantly, to find an approach to each client and case in particular. Our design team has created illustrations of the shapes of faces and eyebrows that will help you understand which shape of eyebrows is suitable for each type of face. 

A practical program takes up most of the course. It includes setting a hand, practicing skills on models, drawing a sketch and getting to know the technique of working with eyebrows of any complexity. We work according to the American method. We use tweezers, waxing therapy (removal of unwanted hair with wax) and professional paint. 

All the necessary materials are provided during the training. The groups of students are small (4-8 people) so the training material is heard in detail in each, which allows us to analyze more questions and types of errors at the training stage. As a result, you will be ready to work with any customers. 

At the end of the course, you’ll receive a personal certificate and award the Brow Artist qualification. 

Программа курса «Архитектура бровей»
Программа курса «ПМ бровей»
Программа курса «Ламинирование ресниц»
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Course “Eyebrow Design”
Course “Permanent Eyebrow Drawing”


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